Who We Are

You'are welcome to join our United Methodist Christian community at any time. Pastor Ed Unangst believes in creating  a faith community that is open to all people of all colors, races, and denominations. Join us next Sunday and see how our community comes together to praise.

McMichaels United Methodist Church

Thoughts from the Pastor

Did you ever think about using your car as a metaphor for a human being using the Bible as our owner's manual? It is in scripture that we learn how we are to be maintained, where we are to be serviced and at what speeds we should live our lives to avoid breaking down prematurely. The writer of the manual knows His creation better than anyone, including its speed limitations. If you seem to be living your life at speeds so fast that you are in danger of falling apart, reorient your life around Jesus Christ and your speedometer will always be at the speed limit.

Church attendance and involvement and the faith life it fosters in us is often the first part of us to breakdown. Sadly, when this part of our life begins to fall apart, we tend to be the least concerned about it. It is like ignoring our check engine light.

Have you checked you check engine light lately? Are you attending church regularly and involved in events in your church? Do you pray and read your Bible daily? When was the last time you thanked God for all your blessings?

Hope to see you there.

God bless,

Pastor Ed